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About us

About Us

The Web Portal for Youth Coaches

There are many websites dedicated to soccer coaches, and surfing thru all of them can drown you in information overload. Most of these websites provide content geared towards adult coaching and does not take in mind the limitations and challenges of coaching youth soccer. 

The Soccer Coaching School aims to provide youth coaches with the knowledge and tools to create proper soccer training programs. All courses and videos are specifically designed with the youth coach in mind. Best of all, it's not just theory, we always teach you how to do it, with practical hands on exercises so you can quickly transfer the knowledge gained to your practices. 

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Learn the theories and principles behind proper soccer training program design. 

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Stop wasting countless hours watching coaching videos. Gain the necessary knowledge to coach at an elite level. 

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We provide you with templates for you to copy and adjust to the needs of your team. 

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